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With more than 30 years in media and advertising business, Nartak Media Group is Pittsburgh’s media buying expert. Our group has forged relationships with advertisers nationwide, and we leverage those associations so that your company prospers using our media planning and buying expertise.

The Advantages of Superior Media Buying Power

Nartak Media Group is an advertising agency that provides media buying and planning services to clients that are in and around Pittsburgh. We use Internet, print, radio, TV, and outdoor advertising to reach targeted audiences in and around western Pennsylvania that lead to increased impressions, leads, and sales.

We’ve developed strong relationships in the media business for over 30 years, leading to unique and affordable buying opportunities that benefit our clients while giving them unlimited reach in the market or markets of their choice.

An Advertising Agency with a Local Focus

Nartak Media Group develops, designs, and manages print, web, radio, outdoor, and TV advertising campaigns for companies in and around the Pittsburgh area. We enjoy working with our clients to create a strategy that will ensure they are reaching a targeted audience through effective media planning and buying services. The relationships that we’ve developed in this market give you more buying power and allow you to garner quality leads, while increasing your exposure in our metropolitan area.

Our media buying experience includes these channels:

  • Internet. Advertising on the Internet continues to grow rapidly each year. It’s cost-effective, and with the advent of social media and interactive media, has limitless reach. However, online advertising online should be properly and continuously managed, monitored and adjusted for ROI.
  • Radio. Radio is ubiquitous—it reaches about 93 percent of the population each week. We use people’s radio habits to develop effective media buying strategies that use different formats, frequencies, stations, and programs to promote businesses.
  • Outdoor. With targeted geographic placement and visual appeal being important factors for effective advertising, many businesses would like to extend their reach using billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising. We can help.
  • Print. Newspapers, magazines, and flyers reach millions of people every week. Harnessing the power of print—with accompanying images—is especially important for businesses in sales, auto, and real estate.
  • TV. Thirty years ago, there were three main TV channels. Now, there are hundreds, and each has its own special programming or theme. TV advertising can be effective, evocative, and emotional—but how do you know what channels and programs are the favorites of the audience you want to find?
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