Case Studies

Case Study #1

Since 1934, Rome Monument has been creating memorials for families and placing them in cemeteries throughout Southwestern PA.  With a competitive business environment and an industry undergoing a lot of change…Rome Monument faced some unique challenges in reaching new clients.  This is also a sensitive subject; great care has to be taken in how to craft a message that will inform without offending.

Brand Rome Monument as the Industry Leader in this field. 

Introduce new and different products offered by Rome Monument that people might not be aware of.  

Make sure the message reaches the right demographics for this product. 


Radio:  Nartak Media Group produced a series of “interview style” radio commercials with the client, where he was able to go into more detail about cremation products, pre-need and products like “The Light of Hope”.  These commercials aired on specific radio stations that reached people most likely to need these products. 

 The client told us, “Our industry is trending down while my sales are up.  The main thing I attribute this to is Nartak Media Group.”




Case Study #2


Nartak Media Group was the media buying service for the primary market of a successful career school. That school had multiple campuses operating in three states. In their primary market (market “A”) business was growing and their lead generation advertising was proving very fertile. In the two other markets, their enrollment was stagnant and needed a boost.

They approached Nartak Media Group seeking help. In market “B” they had a media buying service that charged them for market research and analysis and charged them media placement fees. In market “C” they had no media buying services and were regularly inundated with proposals and offers from local TV networks, cable and several radio stations. It was impossible for them to compare the myriad of offers and assess which offers, if any, would meet their needs.

  • Increase enrollment in markets B & C
  • Lower media buying expenses
  • Improve the efficiency of their media buying activities

Nartak Media Group provides a different level of service to our clients and this was an easy fix.

We notified all media outlets that we were now the agency of record in markets “B” and “C” and had all proposals and offers sent to us. This immediately freed up valuable client time for strategic planning and lead analysis.

We conducted qualitative and quantitative research in markets “B” and “C” (at no cost to the client) and found that the previous media buying was not efficient and not targeted to the clients demographic as closely as it should have been.

We modified the creative and had new spots produced at no cost to the client. We ran the new creative in markets “B” and “C” at a lower cost than before.


As a result of the changes described above, we were able to increase their media presence without increasing their media budget. In addition, they now had more effective commercials placed in a more targeted and efficient way. Lead volume has increased and enrollment is up. In addition, more time is now available for the tracking and follow up of new leads.