What does Nartak Media Group do?

Nartak is a media time buying agency specializing in buying both electronic (TV, Radio, Internet, Cinema) and print media (magazines, newspaper, billboards: indoor & outdoor). With over 25 years of media buying experience, the media buyers at Nartak know how to negotiate, purchase and monitor media. Our Media Buyers work to achieve the greatest efficiency for your budget while reaching the highest number of people in your target audience at the lowest possible cost.

What are the advantages of working with Nartak Media Group?

Nartak brings expertise to every negotiation while freeing up our client?s time to focus on their core business. Nartak has very deep relationships that have been cultivated over our 25 years of service. These relationships along with the volume in which we buy allows Nartak to offer our clients a better investment than can be found anywhere else in the market. We work with every media outlet to ensure the best schedule and delivery for our clients, no questions asked.

How can a client measure Nartak?s efficiency?

The most important measurement of Nartak’s efficiency is your business’ results. Is the advertising working? Are more people walking through your doors, calling your business or searching out your product? Nartak works with you to help achieve your goals with advertising.

How can Nartak do a better job than I can?

The Media Buyers at Nartak have the knowledge, experience and buying power to make better deals than you could on your own. Buying media is our specialty, just as you are an expert at what you do, we are experts at what we do. Because we are buying media virtually every day, we have ongoing and current market knowledge that impacts every buy. We buy media at a very high volume and with that come many advantages that someone only buying a small amount of media could not achieve.

What sort of clients does Nartak work with?

Nartak works with many different categories of clients. From small entrepreneurs, to mid size service businesses, to publicly traded companies. Most businesses have at least one thing in common and that is the need to advertise while getting the biggest bang for their buck and that’s what we do at Nartak Media Group!