Media Planning

Media Planning PittsburghMedia planning is a critical element to the success of your overall advertising plan. At Nartak, we work cooperatively and effectively with multiple media sources in each market we serve. To have a successful plan you need to know which medium will best reach your target consumer. To use a fishing analogy, “you have to know where the fish are.” At Nartak Media Group, our planning process goes substantially further. Our research and years of experience help ensure that we not only know where the fish are, but we know what they like to eat and when they are hungry.

As part of the process of developing a media plan, we work closely with our clients to develop our plan based upon answers to questions like the following:

What is our objective for Media Planning?

A clearly defined goal or desired outcome is essential to the planning process.

What is our Media Planning strategy?

The strategic plan is the roadmap that shows how we should structure the plan in order to achieve our objective.

Who is our target audience?

This is the demographic or psychographic description of the audience intended to respond to our product and/or message.

How do we want the target audience to think about our product or message?

How do we want the target audience to feel about our product or message?

Why should our target audience buy our product?

We review and analyze the factual information about the product or the benefits that make it more desirable than other alternatives.

How do we want to communicate to our target audience?

We would determine the desired tone style or character that we want our communication to convey.