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Media Planning  Vs. Media Buying

What is Media Planning?

Media planning is the process  of identifying, assessing, and selecting media channels to reach a defined audience. A media planner works to determine how, where, and why a business will share media content. 

Through strategic media  planning software and a deep understanding of media, media planners can develop efficient, successful advertising campaigns!

Media Planning Answers...

1. What is your advertising strategy?

2. Who do you want to reach?

3. How do you want to communicate?

Media Planner Roles

Media Planners have a few crucial and distinct roles:

1. Conduct both internal and external market research.

2. Set campaign goals for their advertising strategy.

3. Determine budget for advertising in each channel.

What is  Media Buying?

Media buying is the process of purchasing space and time on digital and online platforms to house advertising. These ads can be found anywhere on websites, radio, TV, YouTube, and more.

A media buyer is responsible for negotiating with publishers for  ad space, managing budgets,  and optimizing ads so that they improve overall performance.

Types of  Media Buying

1. Direct Buy

2. Programmatic Buy

3. Manual Bidding

4. Real-time Bidding

Media Buyer Roles

Media Buyers have distinct roles from Media Planners:

1. Leverage trusting relationships within the industry.

2. Negotiate with vendors.

3. Track and tweak the active campaigns in real-time.

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