By NArtak Media Group

Radio Advertising: Know Your  Radio Audience

Where To Start...

Here are 3 ways you can get to know your radio audience.

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Are your radio ads reaching the right people? How do you know?   You may want to consider your plan and find the station that speaks to your target audience.

1. Know Demographic Preferences

There's a reason people pre-program certain radio stations. They may prefer the latest hits, country,  or newscasts.  Every demographic has preferences, and it’s our job to know how those preferences affect media planning. 

2. Collect The Data

Next, collect as much data and research as possible. Radio station annual reports are useful in that they provide insight to what listeners respond to and when.  For example, talk radio during weekday mornings has the largest audience.

3. Learn About  Music Genres

In order to understand your audience, learn about the different types of music genres and who prefers them. For example, pop is fiercer among teens and young adults, while classic rock is the  choice of middle-aged men.

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