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How To  Stretch Your TV Advertising Budget

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TV Advertising is a powerful tool to help you reach and influence your customers.  To help you get the most out of your TV ads, we’ve put together a few tips on how to effectively use your advertising budget. 

1. Weekend News

Some TV stations air live, local newscasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings. These weekend newscasts  are highly viewed, but cost less than  the weekday newscasts. The weekends  6 PM and 11 PM Newscast actually  have MORE viewers yet cost less, because weekend demand is less.

2. 10 PM Newscasts     

TV stations that aren’t affiliated with ABC, CBS, or NBC air 10 PM News.  You may find you can reach a large audience in a 10 PM Newscast  (when more people are still awake!), usually at a lower cost.

3. Rotations

Rotations are important to marketers when wanting to  serve ads to a specific market.  Marketers can purchase rotations at a lower cost when it falls into the areas of 9 AM until 5 PM.  Each station is different, but the more flexibility the TV station has in the placement of commercials, the lower you can negotiate  the price. 

4. Digital Sub-Channels  

Typically, big TV stations also carry a second channel. These channels usually broadcast older movies, older TV sitcoms, and dramas to reach older audiences. If you have a need to reach an older audience, these sub-channels can be a low-cost option.

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