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The Top 5 Common TV Media Terms

TV Buying Terms

Here are the top 5 common TV media terms you need to know!

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When we work with clients  at Nartak Media Group, we understand that paid media comes with a lot of industry slang.  To help our clients gain a  better understanding, we’ve  put together a glossary of  TV buying terms.

Bookend Approach

This approach is where there is a set of two matching or related commercials. One commercial  will play at the beginning of a commercial break and the  other will be played at the  end of the commercial break.

The Crawl

These are simple lines of text scrolling across the bottom  of the screen. They are similar  to weather information or secondary headlines found at  the bottom of a newscast.


Dayparting is the act of dividing the broadcast day into parts that are reflective of the demographic and target audience viewership during a segmented period  of time, such as early morning.

Fixed Position

These positions or "spots" that  are guaranteed positions for TV advertisements that cannot be moved by the provider.


Makegoods are rerun credits that are given to an advertiser by the medium, radio station, television station, publication, etc., and are used to compensate for an  error in timing, composition, or placement of an advertisement.

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