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How To Place An Advertisement In The Newspaper

Newspaper Advertising

Here is our guide on how to place an ad in the newspaper.

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With all the digital ads flooding our screens these days, who even picks up a newspaper anymore? Plenty of people still turn to reliable print papers for their news and info.

Putting an ad in the newspaper can actually be an effective way to get your brand out there, especially to the older demographic that digital ads just can’t quite capture.

Understand Your Options

There are a few different types of advertisements found in newspapers:

1. Classifieds

2. Display Ads

3. Inserts

4. Online Ads

Identify Target Newspapers

The next step is identifying which newspaper publications you want to place ads in. Start by looking at local papers, city magazines, and niche-specific publications. Dive deeper into who actually reads those papers. Understand the demographics like age, income levels, interests, and lifestyles.

Set Advertising Objectives & Budget

It is essential to define your overall advertising goals and set a realistic budget. This ensures you can  develop the most effective strategies while using your budget to achieve those objectives and goals!

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Design & Craft Your Advertisement

Next, it is time to design and craft your ad! You'll want to not only craft the right message, but focus on  visuals as well. Both of these things combined will help you to create the perfect newspaper ad that is appealing and compelling!

Negotiate Ad Placement & Rates

Once you’ve chosen the newspaper for your ads, it’s time to contact them. Start by visiting their website to locate the contact information. Next, it’s time to discuss the price for your ad request. If the quoted price doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t hesitate to negotiate.  Ad representatives are often open to offering discounts and deals.

Review, Submit, & Schedule

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the ad proof, it is time to submit the final! Make sure to clearly understand the newspaper's submission requirements. Newspapers will typically send a final digital proof so that you can approve one last time before publishing. 

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