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What Is Scatter Advertising?

What is scatter advertising?

Scatter advertising is a media buying strategy television networks use to sell airtime  at higher rates.

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Here are 3 buying tips to enhance your scatter advertising strategy! 

Tip #1:  Know what kind  of advertising you’re  getting into.

Since the radio and broadcast industry can be so complex, it can be difficult to reap all of the benefits from it from your airtime purchase. That is why scatter advertising can be so beneficial. Since scatter advertising is purchased closer to the airdate, you know which programs are popular and can plan accordingly instead of guessing too far in advance and getting it wrong.

Sometimes staying close to home with local markets is more effective.  It might also make more economic sense to buy targeted local spots rather than national scatter, especially regarding political campaigns. You may want to invest more in swing states (or areas) than the entire nation or state. 

Tip #2: Local spots may be better than national.

Tip #3:  Consider what’s happening in the country.

Is the market up or down?  Are we in the middle of an election?  Are certain areas being affected by a specific issue? By knowing the current economic and political climates, you’ll be better able to gauge the effects of your advertising on your demographic.  This presents a wonderful opportunity to make last-minute media buys not such a bad thing.

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