By NArtak Media Group

Saturation Advertising:  The Key To Any TV Or Radio Campaign

What is  saturation advertsing? 

Saturation advertising is the practice of "saturating" or flooding the market with your messaging. It is a tactic  or strategy used often in TV and  radio campaigns. 

How does it benefit  a marketing strategy? 

Saturation marketing allows your organization to stay competitive when it comes to market share and spend advertising dollars in places where they really count. 

Does it cost more?

You don’t have to spend more to produce the maximum market share. When you partner with an advertising agency such as Nartak Media, you are one step ahead. That’s because we have strategies that are dedicated to to help you determine if you’re overspending or underspending.

How do I know where  my saturation point is? 

A saturation point is when your ads are not producing sales anymore because the market is too saturated with them.  The goal is to have the best budget where you aren't spending more than you need and optimize your overall profitability.

How can Nartak help  me identify my  saturation points?

We can help guide you by:  – Charting the pattern of media spent on television, radio, and print during a certain time frame. – Estimating the saturation point using  industry-based statistics. – Evaluating your current market share

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