Saturation Advertising: The Key to Any TV or Radio Campaign

Thursday, May 5, 22 By Nartak Media Group

Illustration of man and woman watching television - Saturation Advertising

Advertising campaigns are an essential part of marketing, and at times the concept of saturation advertising comes into play. Your competitors are investing dollars in their TV and radio advertising, and to protect your market share, you will too. The question is: how much?

Short of falling prey to a “trial and error” approach, where you throw darts at a wall and see what sticks, it can be tricky knowing how and where to spend your time and money.

That’s where an advertising agency such as Nartak Media comes into play.

You don’t have to spend more to produce the maximum market share.

Are you spending the same on your marketing campaigns as you did last year, just because? Fortunately, help is available. When you partner with an advertising agency such as Nartak Media, you are one step ahead. That’s because we have strategies that are tried and true.

When it comes to saturation advertising, what is your saturation point?

Often, companies will ask themselves ‘How much do I have to spend?’ And at what point have I spent too much? When it comes to advertising, there is a saturation point — that is, the moment when you cap out on additional sales and when you have to question whether additional action justifies the cost. The goal is:

  • The best budget places just enough ads to reach the saturation point and not a dollar more.
  • You optimize your overall profitability by not spending on advertising what you can’t recoup in revenue

Is it possible to identify saturation points for every product?

Saturation Advertising - hand holding remote pointed at a TV screenNo. But they are consistent in certain categories. That’s where an agency that’s been successful for as long as Nartak Media has will give you an advantage. We’ve measured the success of not one, but many companies, and over time. We know what works best.

Nartak can help guide you based on your industry and based on our experience. Here’s how:

  • We chart the pattern of media spent on television, radio, and print during a certain time frame.
  • Nartak will estimate the saturation point using statistics such as the number of products supported by a brand and the number of products launched per year
  • We evaluate your market share

By predicting advertising spending and estimating saturation points, we will help you determine if you’re overspending or underspending!

Reach out to Nartak Media today to inquire about your business.