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Here are some of the advantages to advertising your product or service on local television:


People spend time with television

Viewers may be finding new ways to consume television…but they’re not spending any less time doing it! The average US viewer today spends as much as five hours a day watching television.

Television attracts loyal viewers

Couple smiles while watching TVLocal news, live entertainment, sports and popular serial television shows attract a loyal, engaged audience. By capturing loyal viewers, you will in turn create loyal customers that will become aware of your product or service.

Local Television advertising is cost-effective and affordable

When you consider the number of people reached and the cost to reach them, television advertising can be surprisingly affordable. If you know how, where and when to buy it. At Nartak Media Group, we’ve been able to find television solutions for almost any client and budget.

We are constantly seeking affordable and effective television options that get our client’s message in front of the right audience and grow sales. Many times, Nartak Media Group is the first to learn about last minute “deals and opportunities” for our clients, that can provide a competitive advantage in the market.

Television advertising builds brands

Filming and interview/ commercial

A smart, well-crafted television campaign can develop and build your brand. Over time, viewers come to know who you are, what you stand for and develop trust in your name. NO OTHER form of advertising does this better than television.

Different types of television advertising
  • Broadcast Television can target and influence a large group of people over a large area.
  • Cable Television can target geographically if you need to zoom in on a particular area.
  • Over The Top television (OTT) can reach younger viewers and “cord cutters” who are watching television through streaming services and “apps”.
Getting Started with local TV advertising

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