Effective TV Advertising Tips

Monday, Apr 19, 21 By Nartak Media Group

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TV Advertising is a powerful tool to help you reach and influence your customers. To help you get the most out of your TV ads, we’ve put together a few tips. Today’s tips are going to deal with options and costs.


TV Commercial Length

If your message is simple and direct…a fifteen second or even a ten second TV commercial might work well. It will cost less to produce, it will cost less to air, it will get repeated more times and will “get into viewers heads” quicker!

Think about commercials that are simple and direct. 1 (800) FLOWERS. SAFE AUTO. 1 (800) GOT JUNK. You may benefit from exposing the audience to your message more times than you would by saying more in each commercial and losing viewers attention and interest.

If you have more to say and need a :30 second commercial, no worries! There are other ways to purchase that :30 second time slot for less.


Stretch Your TV Advertising Budget

The first place you might think about airing a commercial on television is your local 6PM or 11PM Newscast. Those are great places to advertise and reach local viewers. The downside is that demand on those time periods is high (LOTS of advertisers want to be there) and with higher demand comes higher costs.

TV stations have other newscasts you might not think of initially. Newscasts that are highly viewed and can be purchased at a lower cost.

Weekend News

Some TV stations air live, local newscasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Many times, these weekend newscasts are highly viewed but cost less than the weekday newscasts. Sometimes the weekend 6PM and 11PM Newscast actually have MORE viewers yet cost less, because weekend demand is less.


10PM Newscasts

Sometimes TV stations that aren’t affiliated with ABC, CBS or NBC air a 10PM News. You may find you can reach a large audience in a 10PM Newscast (when more people are still awake!), usually at a lower cost.



Let’s say you’ve identified that you want to reach a daytime audience of mostly women viewers. It might not be as important to you exactly WHICH Programs you purchase as it is HOW MANY times your commercial airs in a day or a week. If that is the case, you can buy “Rotations” at a lower cost. 9A till Noon, Noon until 4PM. 9AM until 5PM. Each station is different. The more flexibility the TV station has in where to place your commercial…the lower you can negotiate the price. Is there a commercial airing on a local TV station that you seem to see again and again…almost every hour? There is a good chance that advertiser is buying “a rotation” as opposed to buying specific programming.


Digital Sub-Channels

Today many TV stations also carry a second channel. You might know them as COZI TV, THIS TV, Me TV, We TV, Comet. These channels usually broadcast older movies, older TV sit-coms and dramas. Hogan’s Heros, Kojack, Columbo, I Dream Of Jeannie, etc. If you have a need to reach an older audience, these sub-channels can be a low-cost option.

These sub-channels have less viewers than the broadcast stations…and it costs far less to advertise on these channels. You may not want the sub-channels like COZI or Me TV to be your main option. But placing a small portion of your budget on one of these “second channels” can still reach valuable viewers and be a good supplement to your main television schedule.


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