Radio Advertising – Pittsburgh

Radio advertising has universal appeal and is one of the most efficient ways to reach your potential customers.


Here are some advantages of radio advertising:

  • Radio reaches approximately 93% of the population every week.
  • Listeners are loyal to their favorite radio station. The radio audience feels a connection to the personalities on their favorite station.
  • Radio is portable. The radio audience can be reached where the television audience can not usually be reached, such as in the car, at the beach, at work, etc.
  • Radio is “theatre of the mind”. Radio encourages the listener to create a picture in his/her mind, therefore forcing the listener to linger on the message.
  • By using different times of the day, you can tailor your message to the listener. For example, if you are trying to reach people in their cars, morning and afternoon drive times would be appropriate. If you are targeting working women, mid-days might work well.
  • Costs are less than broadcast television. Your message will be heard over and over again.
  • Little advance notice is required for placing advertising or changing the message.
  • Radio advertising can help with your search and website traffic as it has the potential to raise brand awareness by 18-50%



Radio Advertising Pittsburgh - Radio stand in radio advertising booth

At Nartak Media Group, we can craft a creative, high-impact message with a minimum budget that will make you STAND OUT and be noticed. Finally, a radio advertising agency that does all the hard work!

We work with our clients to ensure that their message is heard on the right radio stations, at the right times, with great efficiency and enough reach and frequency to generate results. We also work to create some VERY unique, memorable radio commercials that help our clients’ messages stand out and bring them results.


Examples of our radio advertising

Nartak Media Group – Radio Creative:

Anyone can have a Presidents Day Sale. For this client, we held a “Presidents Day Press Conference.”

Testimonials from real customers or clients can be effective. The trick is knowing how to “get the best” from the testimonial clients, as we did in these commercials.

For this advertiser, we created a recurring character, a sassy grandma that speaks her mind!

This series of “Straight Talk” interview-style messages has been very effective for this client

In this radio message, we “borrowed” an Academy Award-winning actor who was a doing series of Lincoln car commercials…to make a point about this advertiser”