How To Measure Success In Radio Advertising

Thursday, Aug 18, 22 By Nartak Media

Woman in radio booth

Radio Advertising is a tool that has been used for decades to reach consumers across every industry. However the power of radio advertising has changed. Despite it being a solid form of communication, one must ask, “how do I measure if my radio advertising campaign is a success or not?” Today, you will learn which KPIs to pay attention to to understand the success of your radio advertising campaign. 


1. Increase in reach 


Radio advertising is able to reach thousands of listeners across many different demographics. Therefore, it is inevitable that if you have a healthy radio advertising campaign your reach will increase.



2. Increase in Google searches for your business

If your radio advertising campaign is reaching the right people, then the number of Google searches for your business will also increase. Radio is a fun platform to advertise on because you have the opportunity to get a jingle, slogan, or message stuck in people’s heads. In fact, radio advertising has the potential to increase brand awareness by 18-50%.


3. Increase in website traffic

Now that you have the attention of your consumers, the hope is that website traffic will increase. Radio advertising is effective in communicating messages people will remember and if you are having a successful run with radio then website traffic should increase over time and hopefully lead to new leads/transactions. When measuring your website traffic during the course of your radio campaign, be sure to check the total website visitors directly before the campaign, and for a while before. 

4. ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) 

If you are having a successful radio advertising campaign then you should receive a neat ROAS. ROAS is measured by (Ad revenue – ad investment) / Ad investment = ROAS. For example, if you are receiving $5,000 worth of service from the radio ad and you are investing $100 into the ad your equation would look like ( $5,000 – $100 /$100) leaving you with a ratio of 49 to 1. This indicates that the radio advertisement is indeed working. It is important to measure your ROAS on every type of advertising to ensure that you are getting the most out of the service!  


At the end of the day, radio advertising can be a complementary tool to use when you are trying to grow your media presence. While it may seem a little more broad, it’s still definitely possible to measure your radio advertising successfulness. At Nartak Media Group, we can craft a creative, high-impact message with a minimum budget that will make you STAND OUT and be noticed. We work with our clients to ensure that their message is heard on the right radio stations, at the right times, with great efficiency and enough reach and frequency to generate results. We also work to create some very unique, memorable radio commercials that help our client’s message stand out and bring them results.


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