Radio Advertising: Know Your Radio Audience

Wednesday, Dec 28, 22 By Nartak Media Group

Person lies down and rests foot on radio

Are your radio ads reaching the right people? How do you know? You may want to consider your plan and find the station that speaks to your target.

What radio station do you listen to?

There’s a reason why listeners pre-program certain stations into their smartphone or car radio. While some may prefer the latest hits or newscasts, others are tapping their fingers along to holiday music, “the oldies,” or belting out Country tunes.

Marketers and media planners know this. We count on this.

Every demographic has preferences, and it’s our job to know how those preferences affect media planning. In fact, we compile research from companies who are in the business of conducting surveys and employing wearable meters to collect listener data for local and network radio and TV audiences. We use that information to base our decisions on where to buy ads.

It’s a careful science. Some might call it an art.

Radio station ratings and annual reports are useful in that they provide insight to what listeners respond to and when—such as talk radio during weekday mornings, which has the largest audience.

We also learn about genres of music and who prefers them:

  • Spotify and Pandora draws the greatest numbers of teens and millennials (18-34) via smartphones and tablets
  • Country music has the most followers during the day
  • Adult contemporary has the most female listeners
  • Pop is fiercely popular among teens and young adults
  • Classic rock is the choice among middle aged men
  • Rhythmic contemporary hit is popular in urban, diverse areas
  • Mexican is the choice among Hispanic listeners and adults 25-34
  • Contemporary Christian has the broadest appeal, across ages 12-64

On air sign and radio recording boothReach out to Nartak Media for help planning your radio advertising

You know your audience better than anyone. We’re in the business of knowing how to reach your audience. All of this knowledge is useful when planning where to allocate spending. Call Nartak today to see how you can reach your audience best.