Nartak Media Group is an award-winning full-service advertising agency.

So why advertise with an agency?

  • Brand Awareness – Advertising is used to create brand awareness with your target audience. This will help both new companies, and companies simply looking for an image makeover. Ultimately, every company benefits from professional branding.
  • Persuasion – Persuading your audience is one of the top objectives in advertising. Solutions range from analyzing a consumer’s buying patterns to consumer testing of new services or products, to creation or recreation of a brand image, to the development of an encouraging attitude towards a brand.
  • Reinforcement – This objective helps to remind both existing and potential customers of a brand message. This also helps to keep the brand on the customer’s mind, outshining the competitors. The more you remember a brand, the more likely you are to share it with others. Word of mouth is an unparalleled marketing tool.

Now we have the why out of the way, let’s not forget the when, what and who…

When Should I Advertise?

  • There is never a bad time to advertise – the more branding you do for your business the more people will know about you. McDonald’s advertises all the time, but we already know who they are – the more visible their brand is, the more likely someone will choose them over Wendy’s or Burger King. If you hear or see a McDonald’s commercial when you are hungry or driving by one of their locations, you are more prone to stop. Advertising drives business. (But you have limited resources and we can help you focus on your target audience and prioritize your marketing dollars to achieve the most saturation for your business.)


  • Audience profiles for advertisingOnce we create your message, we will help you to narrow down your target audience. If you are advertising for a Senior Care facility – your target audience would be vastly different from that of an automotive dealership. Every business’ Target audience is different. We will help you choose an audience that will benefit from both your product and advertising efforts.


  • Your “what” brings together everything we have already talked about – “what” do you have to offer? “What” service, “what” product, or do you just want to re-brand? Once you have the “what” the rest will fall into place. Maybe you are an appliance company seeking to sell the remainder of an older line that you stopped carrying – We will help you to target your advertising and gear it toward a specific product line.

Now comes the how? This is where Nartak Media Group can go above and beyond for your business.

How Should I advertise?

Nartak Media Group is skilled at media buying and planning. We can help you form a plan that implements your ideas into action to achieve your goals.

There are many mediums in advertising and Nartak has experience with all of them.