Large blank billboard advertisingOutdoor and billboard advertising in Pittsburgh can have a strong impact on an advertising campaign, provided the message is concise and clear.


What are the different types of outdoor advertising available in Pittsburgh?

  • Billboards
  • In-mall billboards
  • Bus advertising
  • Kiosks
  • Escalator advertising

Illuminated billboards in Times SquareThe Power of Outdoor and Billboard Advertising:

  • You can’t escape it. Most people travel the same route every day of the week and will see the billboard each time they go by.
  • Placement is specific to your geographic area, thereby making outdoor advertising an efficient medium. Outdoor advertising strengthens your existing market or enables you to reach out to a different area.
  • A picture can leave a lasting impression. A smartly done billboard campaign evokes many emotions – hunger, happiness, and awareness. Who hasn’t seen a huge hamburger on a sign and suddenly felt hungry?
  • Illuminated billboards can be very effective, particularly at night. A large sign appears out of the darkness and lets us think about something other than our drive. The message is impossible to ignore.
  • Outdoor advertising includes transit shelters and bus advertising which can be very effective if your target audience can be found in urban, densely populated areas.


Let Nartak do the heavy lifting for your outdoor advertising campaign

Nartak clients achieve high-impact messaging in highly visible locations at a very competitive rate. Get in contact with us today to discuss your outdoor and billboard advertising requirements.