Looking for your next print advertising agency? Look no further than the established Nartak Media Group. Print advertising is a tried and true way to deliver a message. Although readership of newspapers throughout the country is declining, certain advertisers (such as automobile dealers) use print as a primary means of reaching consumers. In addition to newspapers, local magazines and flyers are often utilized very effectively.

Print advertising offers the following advantages:

  • Many people feel a visual ad can deliver a message better than an audio one. Often an image is easier to recall than an audio message.
  • Most print ads are viewed by more than just one person. All print material remains in the home for at least a day or two, with some magazines remaining for weeks.
  • Couponing is readily available.
  • Magazines are effective for target marketing, such as bridal magazines, new home periodicals, or automobile publications.
  • Local flyers and newspapers are effective for geographic specification, with emphasis on community events, restaurants, news, and entertainment within a certain radius.

Our clients count on us to guide them to the right publications to reach their target consumers, with excellent placement at very competitive rates.