Looking for your next print advertising agency? Look no further than the established Nartak Media Group.

Print advertising is a tried and true way to deliver a message. Although collective readership of newspapers throughout the country is declining, certain advertisers (such as automobile dealers) use print as a primary means of reaching consumers. In addition to newspapers, local magazines, and flyers are often utilized very effectively.



Effective print advertising placement

As a Pittsburgh-based media buying and print advertising agency, we understand the importance of premium print advertising placement. That’s why we utilize a multi-step process to ensure that our clients’ ads are placed in the most effective locations. First, we conduct in-depth research to identify the most relevant publications for our client’s target audience. Next, we negotiate with publishers to secure the best ad placements at the most competitive rates. With our comprehensive approach to print media advertising, our clients can be confident that their ads will reach their intended audience in the most impactful way possible.

Print advertising agency and newspaper advertising agency - man reads newspaper while sitting on park bench



Print advertising offers the following advantages:

  • Many people feel a visual ad can deliver a message better than an audio one. Often an image is easier to recall than an audio message.
  • Most print ads are viewed by more than just one person. All print material remains in the home for at least a day or two, with some magazines remaining for weeks.
  • Couponing is readily available.
  • Magazines are effective for target marketing, such as bridal magazines, new home periodicals, or automobile publications.
  • Local flyers and newspapers are effective for geographic specification, with emphasis on community events, restaurants, news, and entertainment within a certain radius.