Newspaper Advertising Trends for 2023

Saturday, Oct 15, 22 By Nartak Media

Newspaper Advertising

What is Newspaper Advertising?

Newspaper advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising that we see today. These ads do a lot more than just showcasing a single product or service, as each ad works hard to reel in customers and keep them coming back. Not only can newspaper advertising bring in a lot of people, but they are a good way to reach those in the older demographic who tend to read the paper more frequently. Plus, a company can run its ads to the appropriate target audience by requesting them to run in the section(s) that relate the most to that audience, whether it be a lifestyle, business, sports, or something else.

Most print advertisements are viewed by more than just one person because, more often than not, print material remains in a home for at least a day or two. Local newspapers can also be effective for more geographic specifications, like restaurants, community events, and local entertainment.

So what are some of the trends advertisers are noticing in the newspaper landscape? Read on to find out more.

Newspaper Advertising Trends

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the past few years have made it extremely difficult to predict what the future holds. Amid these challenges, advertisers and marketers had to navigate changes and try new strategies. 

While readership of newspapers may be on the decline throughout the U.S., there are a few newspaper advertising trends that seem to be making their way forward. 


Business section of the newspaper is held by two hands

Newspapers are seen as more reliable

Despite the pandemic, newspapers are still vital! Consumers are seeking accurate, unbiased information, and newspapers remain one of the most trusted sources. According to a Nielson Report, newspapers are rated as a source that both operates ethically and has the public’s best interest in mind. Additionally, people are more inclined to pay attention to advertisements from news sources they trust. Additionally because there isn’t the same level of tracking or pop-ups, the advertising that readers do see is viewed as way less obtrusive. 

Glasses and coffee sit on newspaperStorytelling is Growing

Storytelling is an essential tool for all marketers, and it is a trend that continues to be on the rise in newspaper advertising. Brands that use storytelling to connect with consumers build a greater level of trust and brand loyalty. Storytelling offers the opportunity for brands to make themselves stand out among competitors by connecting with people through emotion.

More specifically, newspapers are a great medium to share stories. That is why this newspaper advertising trend will continue to grow in 2023. There are multiple options for newspaper advertising, such as sponsored content or advertiorals. Newspapers offer a variety of possibilities in order to share your story!

Increased Advertising Budgets

In 2023, it is predicted that companies will continue to increase their advertising budgets. This is a trend that has been on a steady rise since emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the newspaper industry, we are seeing more clients exploring newspaper advertising on both paper and digital mediums. 

Newspaper advertising provides more brand safety

Brand safety has become of utmost importance to a lot of marketers and business owners. Especially with controversy around different social media outlets, and various website scandals, advertisers want to ensure that where they’re advertising will not damage the brand’s reputation. Newspapers are increasingly becoming the platform of choice for marketers who want to build the image of their brand in the marketplace.

Digital Newspaper Advertising and Cross-Platform

While print newspapers are still making an impact, trends show that digital newspaper advertising will overtake print newspaper advertising by 2026. According to Marketing Charts, digital newspaper spending will rise to $5 billion in 2026. It is also worth noting that digital newspapers have been very successful in recent years in building online subscription bases. This trend will continue to increase in the coming years. Many outlets will also offer cross platform advertising so that advertisers can still reach traditional print readers as well as digital. 


Woman holds newspaper in one hand and phone in the other

Advantages of newspaper advertising

People want localised content from their community

Newspapers often have a strong local readership, making them an effective advertising channel for businesses targeting specific geographic areas. They can also be useful for reaching niche markets or specific demographics within a local community.

Less competition

While digital advertising channels are becoming increasingly saturated, newspapers provide an opportunity to stand out in a less crowded space. With fewer advertisers competing for attention, your ads may have a better chance of capturing readers’ attention and generating leads.

Pile of newspapersLongevity in people’s homes

Unlike online ads that disappear quickly, print newspapers often remain in homes or offices for several days. This longer shelf life increases the chances of repeated exposure and allows readers to revisit ads multiple times, reinforcing brand recognition and message retention.


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