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What Is Linear  TV Advertising?

What Is  Linear TV?

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Linear TV is traditional television that is delivered through either satellite or cable. 

The term "linear" comes from  the way in which the content is delivered to viewers.  In other words, there is a predetermined schedule, and all viewers watch this content at the same time.

Linear TV Advertising

If linear TV is traditional television that is delivered through satellite or cable, then linear TV advertising includes the ads or commercials that play in  time slots between programs. 

How Does It Work?

Software is used to determine the specific time slots for the programs, as well as the advertisements to go along with them. The only exception is during live events, where raw footage is edited in real-time and received by viewers at a slight delay.


1. Advertise during live events like news or big sporting events.

2.  Target viewers by advertising on specific channels or at certain times of the day.

3.  Reach the older demographics. 


1. Viewership of linear TV  continues to shrink.

2. Viewers are more distracted. During linear TV ads, people tend to channel surf or view their other devices instead.

3. Measuring TV advertisements is difficult and sometimes inaccurate.

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