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How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

What Is Programmatic Advertsing? 

Programmatic advertising is the automated targeting and deployment of video ads on connected devices and Smart TVs.

How Does It Work?

Over-the-top, or OTT, is a form  of programmatic advertising.  This advertising combines television advertising with digital advertising and is a great opportunity for TV advertisers to extend their reach to ‘cord cutters’, or for non-traditional television advertisers to get in front of the right audience. 

How Big Is The  OTT Market?

As of 2021, Cord Cutters represent 27% of the US population. Cord Cutters (people that have completely  stopped using cable/satellite TV),  as well as dual-option TV users (someone that uses OTT and cable/satellite options), are both increasing in numbers of OTT users.

What Apps Can  Be Reached With Programmatic Advertising?

With programmatic OTT, we have inventory on most ad-supported  apps, including: – Roku – Hulu – SlingTV – Sony Crackle – Pluto – Tubi – Fox News – NBC News – CBS News – Plus many more!

What Are The Benefits Of Programmatic Advertsing? 

OTT advertising has the ability to  be hyper-targeted with video delivery  in long-format content and on  Smart TVs. Here is a list of benefits of OTT advertising: – Large-Screen, Long-Format Targeting – Geo Targeted Video Advertising – Fully Customized and Cost-Effective          Budgets – Behavioral and Demographic Targeting … on the TV screen!

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