Buying Media During the Political Season

Monday, Feb 20, 23 By Nartak Media Group

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Illustration of political campaignAdvertising during the political season can be daunting, especially for local or small businesses who may not have as deep pockets as the political candidates themselves. However, there are some valuable tips and insights we can share to help you make the most out of your media buying campaign during the political season.

Understand the political landscape

First things first, it’s crucial to understand the political landscape. This includes identifying the types of races and candidates that will be on the ballot, as well as the key issues that are likely to resonate with voters. For example, some media outlets may lean a certain political way, which will attract viewers of a particular demographic. This will help you determine the appropriate messaging and targeting strategies for your campaign. 

Understanding How the Political Season Affects Media Buying 

Another crucial factor to consider is the impact that the political season can have on media buying. Costs may skyrocket, and spots may not even run during the prime time slots that you had hoped for. This is where flexibility and creative thinking come into play.

Consider exploring alternative advertising options such as digital marketing, which can help you drive leads and get your message out to potential customers at a lower cost. At Nartak Media, we have a wide range of digital advertising options to help you effectively reach your target market. Radio advertising is impacted less by political advertising so that may be a good alternative as well.

Buying Media During A Political Campaign

Is it Worth it to Purchase Advertising During the Political Season?

For some local businesses, the answer is yes! Many businesses need to keep their name out there to keep their business running. At Nartak Media Group, we will take into account the unique needs and goals of each client and help them develop a media strategy that works best for them. The plan may include broadcast TV in programming where politicians are less likely to advertise, Cable TV, Outdoor, Digital, Social Media, in Malls or even advertising in Movie Theaters.

Buying Media During A Political Campaign

Tips for Effective Advertising During the Election Season

If you plan to advertise during this busy season, consider these tips to help you plan and advertise effectively:

Plan ahead. During this busy advertising season, inventory will be limited, so be sure to plan and book your advertising early.

Buy local TV sponsorships. Buy television sponsorships in weather, traffic, or primetime lineups. These “television billboards” are a short recognition of sponsors during a television broadcast that includes the sponsor’s logo and an announcement of “brought to you by” the name of the sponsor. These local sponsorships can help your message reach your target audience even in a market saturated with political ads.


Tips for political media buying

Perhaps you’re not a small business, but a local politician looking to do some advertising. Perfect! Here are a few pointers just for you

Targeting the Right Audience

One of the key benefits of political media buying is the ability to target specific audiences. This can help you to reach the voters who are most likely to be receptive to your message. There are a variety of targeting options available, including geographic targeting, demographic targeting, and interest-based targeting. It’s important to identify the appropriate audience for your campaign in order to maximize its effectiveness.


Navigating compliance and disclosure agreements

Political advertising is subject to a variety of compliance and disclosure requirements, including disclaimers, sponsorship identification, and reporting requirements. It’s important to understand these requirements and ensure that your ads are in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in significant penalties and legal challenges.



In addition to these tips, you can work with Nartak Media for effective media buying and media planning services that will help you beat the political advertising flood this year. With over 30 years of experience in media planning and buying, we have the expertise to help you develop effective advertising campaigns, no matter the time of year.

Don’t lose leads and exposure to the political oversaturation, call Nartak Media Group today to learn how we can meet your advertising needs!