Pets in the Workplace

Monday, Jun 11, 18 By Nartak Media Group

Pets in the Workplace

Recently, we spoke to Dr. Kenton Rexford, managing partner of Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in the North Hills about the benefits having pets (specifically, dogs) in the workplace.

It’s no surprise, according to Dr. Rexford that pets at work put a smile on people’s faces!

Work can sometimes be a stressful place. It is well documented that dogs can reduce our stress and lower our blood pressure. Therefore, having your dog (or someone else’s) at work can be a great way to hit the reset button on your day’s stress level.

When people take breaks and “get away from” their work for short intervals, they are more productive than sitting at their desk for hours at a time.

Taking a dog outside, interacting with a pet, makes us take that “time out” we might otherwise ignore. Basically, if your dog needs to go outside…YOU will also go outside!

Dr. Rexford has been an employer since 1998, and one thing he’s noticed is that people appreciate the little things…sometimes even more than the big things. Having the ability to bring their pet to work is something employees value very much.

What about the dog’s point of view?

Dr. Kenton said, much like people, dogs are social animals. While we can’t read their minds, he believes if you had the ability to ask your dog if he or she would rather sit home alone all day or come to work and interact with you and your coworkers…your dog would reply with a resounding “Woof!” (“Let’s Go!” in dog-ese).

Thank you for your insight Dr. Rexford! As you can see from these pictures in our office, we wholeheartedly agree!

Good luck with your new location opening in the South Hills, August 28th.