Scatter Advertising: What is it and 3 Buying tips

Wednesday, Apr 20, 22 By Nartak Media Group

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Scatter advertising is a media buying strategy television networks use to sell air time at higher rates. Need to position a product at the last minute? You’ll pay through the nose because scatter air time can sell for up to 30% more than the advertising rates earlier on. However, an experienced media buyer can be strategic with their buys and reach a target audience, making it very appealing and worth your while.

Here are 3 scatter advertising buying tips:

1. Know what kind of advertising you’re getting into

It’s a balancing act: you want the best time slot for the best value, right? Unlike upfront deals, which can be negotiated in terms of premium slots and frequency, scatter advertising rarely allows for that kind of strategy. So, you can’t supplement another ad to make up for an audience shortfall.

However, there is an upside. Since scatter advertising is purchased closer to the airdate, you know which programs are popular and can plan accordingly instead of guessing too far in advance and getting it wrong.

2. Local spots may be better than national

Do you need a national TV campaign? Sometimes staying close to home with local markets is more effective. It might also make more economic sense to buy targeted local spots rather than national scatter.

Take the recent political election, for example. Less money was spent on local advertising in states that tended to lean toward one party or the other. However, the swing states were the ones political advertising campaigns focused on.

3. Consider what’s happening in the country

Is the market up or down? Are we in the middle of an election? By knowing the current economic and political climates, you’ll be better able to gauge the effects of your advertising on your demographic. This presents a wonderful opportunity. Last minute media buys aren’t necessarily a bad thing.


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