Media buying factors to consider

Friday, Sep 1, 17 By Nartak Media Group

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Should I buy my ads by the show, by the network, or by the time of day?

When it comes to advertising, knowing where to put your dollars and how can make all the difference between an effective campaign and one that falls flat. Often companies will try various tactics, but because they’re not in the business of advertising, and may be throwing darts at what they hope will work, it’s hard for them to know what’s effective and what’s not.

This is where an agency comes into play. An advertising agency such as Nartak Media can help you form a strategy that meets your goals. Our expertise spans the spectrum, from identifying your media buying goals, creating a plan to achieve those goals, and following up with measurement techniques to show you how well that plan was executed.

When it comes to deciding factors that play into media buying, it’s useful to consider your audience.

Who is your audience? What are their TV watching habits?

  • Demographics. Does your audience fall into the category of adults aged 25-54? These are consumers who have money to spend
  • What TV shows does your audience watch?
  • Who are the local affiliates?
  • What are the local broadcast options and how much do they cost? If you’re chasing a wealthier group, maybe paid-for television such as cable is the way to go.
  • Does your demographic watch live television such as football games or America’s Got Talent, where voting is important to them? Or are they more likely to pre-record and curl up on the couch to The Big Bang Theory, fast-forwarding through the commercials?
  • Does your audience tend toward watching day time TV or evening? Evening spots are when the most popular shows air, but they also cost the most money
  • What is the geographic location? Larger cities will cost more to air your ads than small towns.
  • Holiday craze—be prepared to pay bigger bucks during the fourth quarter of the year

Other facts to consider:

  • Supply of advertising spots, depending on length of TV show
  • Ability to negotiate price, depending on time of year
  • Time of day you want to advertise, depending on your demographic
  • Choosing a station that attracts your target demographic
  • Requesting your commercial air during a certain show. For example, if you are advertising cooking classes or a new bakery in town, you might want these to air during TLC’s Kitchen Boss.
  • Frequency of run times, mix of length of commercials
  • What is the visual appeal of your product or service?

Not sure where to begin?

An advertising campaign that includes TV advertising can be tricky, but with the right partner advising you on how to match your strategy with your business goals, and work within your budget, you are on your way.

Reach out to Nartak Media today to inquire how we can help you plan your media buying.