Small Business TV Advertising Guide

Friday, Jan 29, 21 By Nartak Media Group

Small Business TV Advertising - Family gathered around watching TV

Television advertising is a powerful way to reach and influence a customer base for small and large businesses alike. At Nartak Media Group, we’ve put together a small business TV advertising guide to help small businesses like yours understand and utilize this effective advertising tool!

Differences Between Broadcast, Cable, and OTT TV Advertising

To get started, it is best to first understand the difference between Broadcast Television, Cable Television, and OTT Television.

Broadcast TV has a Wide Reach:

Small business tv advertising in Pittsburgh - family watching a tv advertisement Broadcast TV encompasses all local channels that are free over the air, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Because everyone in any given market has access to these networks, more people can tune in to see your ads. Broadcast TV advertising is a very efficient tool to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness.

Use Cable to Target by Interest:

Cable TV includes all the channels you pay for from your cable provider. These may include HGTV, MTV, CNN, MSNBC, FXNC, etc. These cable channels tend to attract a very specific audience with particular viewing habits. If you are looking to target a very specific demographic or geographic location and want to keep a lower budget, then cable TV advertising may be a great option for you.

Over-The-Top (OTT) Television to Cover Streaming TV Viewers:

OTT is a type of TV advertising that can be used to reach younger viewers and “cord-cutters” who are watching television through streaming services such as Netflix, and Hulu, as well as apps on their phones or other devices. Here at Nartak, Our OTT runs as non-skippable television advertisements and can be highly targeted to a very specific audience.

Television Advertising Is Advantageous to Your Marketing

TV ads offer a variety of advantages to your marketing including:

Multi-Sensory Attention:

TV advertising has sight, sound, and motion properties, which is why it is considered the dominant mass medium compared to flat media such as radio or print ads.

The Impact of the Ad:

The effectiveness of TV advertising lies in both the product/service being advertised and your advertising continuity (frequency over time). Additionally, the success of your ad is determined by the advertiser’s creativity and ability to catch the viewer’s attention and influence their
perceptions and emotions.

TV Market Penetration is Always Growing and Evolving:

TV advertising continues to evolve and thrive with different trends that suit both small and large businesses. The average American home now has upwards of three television sets, providing a level of market penetration that will only continue to rise with time!

Measuring the Cost and Effectiveness of TV Advertising

If you want your business to have a successful ad campaign, it is recommended that you focus on the long-term effectiveness of the ad, while also measuring the short-term results (frequency over time).
Your TV Advertising can benefit from the help of the consultants at Nartak Media Group, who will help you with your media buying needs and assist you in measuring the success of your campaigns to ensure you are getting the most out of TV commercials.

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TV Advertising Rules to Live By:

Target the Right Audience

While you may have a good sense of who your audience is, recent tools now allow advertisers to reach prospects based on specific psychographic, demographic, and behavior-graphic targeting, changing the way you can target your audience. You may be more familiar with the advancements in digital targeting, but not the audience-targeting innovation for TV targeting. New TV targeting tactics include a combination of the latest in set-top boxes and consumer data.

Don’t Forget About Digital:

Digital advertising can be used to effectively complement your TV advertising. Studies have shown that marketers who invest their marketing dollars in multiple mediums see increased recall and intent to buy.


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