Nartak’s Advertising Budget Breakdown: Tips for Stretching Your Ad Dollar

Tuesday, Oct 23, 18 By Nartak Media Group

Budget - Advertising budget breakdown

With the world of advertising changing rapidly, it is easy for business owners to become overwhelmed with the wide range of new alternatives available. This large volume of choices can make it difficult to develop a budget-friendly media plan. Nartak Media Group wants to share a helpful advertising budget breakdown to help you get the most out of advertising.

When You Should Start Working on Your Advertising Budget

You should begin working on your advertising budget as early as possible.
It is a good idea to determine an annual advertising budget in November, so you can develop your plan and negotiate your media buy prior to the start of the new year. You can also do this quarter by quarter if needed.


How to Create an Advertising Budget Breakdown

You should start by deciding on what percent of your current sales you want to invest in advertising to obtain future sales. You may also consider what your goal is for company growth and how much money you think it will take to promote that growth through advertising.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, companies should spend seven to eight percent of their gross revenue on advertising and marketing for companies that make less than $5 million a year in sales.


two people going over an advertising budget breakdown


Find the Right Agency

When searching for an advertising agency, you want to find one that has:

    • Experience in your business category
    • Flexibility
    • Tools necessary to help you make decisions
    • Genuine care and commitment to help you reach your goals

It is also important to look for a company that is professional and responsive that can help you effectively navigate the ever-evolving media landscape


person using calculator to plan their advertising budget breakdown


Obstacles to Watch Out For

At Nartak Media Group, we will use our expertise in media planning and buying to develop an efficient and successful advertising strategy for your company. We understand how important it is to stay current with emerging trends and to anticipate what’s coming next.

For over 30 years, we have provided our clients with result-focused, strategic advertising, while maintaining the very best research, industry data, and technology for every category of media. With our media planning services and strong vendor relationships, we provide you with a plan tailored to your specific needs that will take your ad dollars as far as possible. Contact us today to begin your advertising budget breakdown.