Why is Advertising Important in 2023?

Sunday, Jan 15, 23 By Nartak Media

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Do you ever ask yourself, “why is advertising important?” Well, here’s why.

In today’s business world, advertising is crucial. The market is extremely competitive, and without being out in the public eye, your brand could essentially be invisible to your target marketing. Advertising is important in every business because it is how you connect with your customers in order to increase conversions and revenue. Let’s take a deeper look into why advertising is so important by looking at 5 key aspects.


Brand Awareness

When answering the question, “why is advertising important?,” it is essential to understand the impact of brand awareness. Brand awareness represents how familiar your target market is with your brand/business and how well they are able to recognize it. Advertising is used to create a stronger brand awareness with your target audience. This will help both new companies and companies simply looking for an image makeover. Ultimately, every company benefits from professional branding and advertising. 

Why is Advertising Important: Brand Awareness


Another reason why advertising is so important is persuasion. Persuading your audience is one of the top objectives of advertising. Solutions range from analyzing a customer’s buying patterns, consumer testing of new services or products, creation or recreation of a brand image, or development of an encouraging attitude towards a brand. Advertising persuades consumers to act in some way, whether it be purchasing a product or changing their perception.



You need loyal and returning customers/clients in order to grow your business. Advertising helps you to do this by reinforcing your brand message to existing and potential customers. It also helps to keep your brand on the consumer’s mind, outshining the competitors. The more someone remembers a brand, the more likely they will be to share it with others through word of mouth. 



Like we stated in the previous point, advertising helps your brand to outshine the competitors by reinforcing your message. No matter what type of business you have, there will always be competition. Therefore, advertising’s importance comes from the fact that everyone is doing it. If you are not actively trying to put your brand at the forefront of people’s minds, you are willingly giving your competitors the advantage. To give your brand a bigger competitive edge, you must be utilizing advertising to ensure maximum exposure.

Why is Advertising Important: Competition



Finally, to fully understand why advertising is so important in the business world, we have to mention its effect on sales. Ads are powerful tools that can help businesses earn the money they need. Various advertising campaigns can directly increase sales by taking consumers right to your physical store, website, and more. All types of advertising, whether it be TV, digital, print, OOH, and more, can help you increase sales. The more people who are exposed to and aware of yours good and services, the higher your chances are of getting some good sales.


Closing Note

Nartak’s hope is that you now fully understand the importance of advertising. This list is by no means exhaustive, as the benefits of advertising continue to increase. If you are looking to implement an advertising strategy into your own business plan, we would love to hear from you! Nartak Media Group can help you form a plan that implements your ideas into action to achieve your goals! Contact us today.

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