Why Should You Invest in Broadcast TV Advertising for 2021?

Wednesday, Sep 30, 20 By Nartak Media Group

While it may seem a bit early to start thinking about 2021, the team here at Nartak is looking forward to the future, rather than dwelling in the difficulties of 2020.

Based on our analysis, we’ve determined that January and February of 2021 may serve as the best times for your businesses to advertise on broadcast television that has existed in a long time.

Reasons to Take Advantage of Broadcast TV Advertising

  • All political advertising will be behind us. Right now, it seems like every 2nd ad is a Biden ad or a Trump ad or one of several different PAC ads. Thankfully, that will end early in November.
  • All retail advertising will be behind us. From early November through Christmas time, retail advertising is at its peak. Everyone will be buying holiday gifts, and toys and retailers will fight to be top of mind.
  • Auto advertising will be reduced. Other than political, auto is the largest advertising sector, and they will try to bolster sales before the year-end. There will be much less activity in January.
  • HUT levels (households using TV) are highest in the cold winter months when it gets dark earlier, and people are hunkered down in their homes.

When you consider the first three reasons listed above, there will also be less demand for advertising inventory during this time, compared to other times of the year, so rates will be at their lowest levels of the year. The fourth point listed above serves to reinforce that January and February advertising is the ideal timing for broadcast advertising.

Broadcast TV Advertising Services

If you are interested in taking advantage of TV Advertising in 2021, contact the experienced team at Nartak Media Group today to get started. With our solid relationships with advertisers and media providers nationwide, we can help you create a results-driven strategy for your TV advertising campaign. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you effectively reach your target audience using broadcast TV advertising.