TV Advertising

Television Media Buying and Television Strategy

TV advertising

TV advertising

Television is a powerful tool for reaching consumers, and unlike other media, offers the opportunity to provide visual and audio impressions on potential customers.

Here are some of the advantages to advertising your product or service on broadcast television:

  • By choosing the correct program, you have the opportunity to reach that particular consumer who will benefit most from doing business with you. If your target consumer is a woman with young children, you would want to place your commercials in not only women-oriented programming, but some children’s programming as well.
  • Television commercials evoke memories and provoke feelings. How many of us love the commercial, usually aired at Christmas time, that shows the polar bears sliding down the ice and enjoying a soft drink? Do you remember which soft drink was being advertised? That’s why television advertising can be so successful.
  • Television advertising adds instant credibility to your business, because viewers will have the perception that you are a successful company.

Cable Television advertising has some unique benefits distinct from broadcast television advertising.

  • It is great for businesses who want to reach their targeted consumer many times in any given day.
  • Costs may be lower than network television.
  • Advertising can be placed in specific geographic areas which allows a business to be more efficient in reaching potential consumers.
  • The wide variety of cable networks enables you to specifically target your desired consumer.

Performance media marketing means a strong delivery of a well conceived message on the right stations, in the right programming, at the right times, with the right reach and frequency. This is a strength of our work.