Why Do I Need a Media Strategy?

Monday, Aug 20, 18 By Nartak Media Group

media strategy

Brands that perform well don’t happen by accident. There’s a lot of strategic planning that goes into the tactics, channels, and methods of reaching consumers and at various points of engagement. And, at the end of the day, you gain insight into what works for the next campaign.

How do I get started? 

At Nartak Media we find that it’s helpful to develop a strategy based on many key factors relevant to you and your business. A few examples include:

  • Target demographic
  • Marketing goals
  • Creative asset availability
  • Budget

Why is it important to plan and place media strategically?

  • Keep advertising purposeful. Sure, you could wing it—trying one thing after another. But in our experience, that merely drives your advertising costs through the roof and cannibalizes your available impressions.
  • Don’t overspend. An experienced, motivated media buyer will negotiate savings for you off published rates and then put those savings into exposure, for example.
  • Be efficient. You don’t want to duplicate efforts or lose opportunities to coordinate multiple locations that can strengthen your strategy.
  • Be strategic, not reactionary. Don’t simply buy an ad because it seems like a good price. Even a good deal on an ad that isn’t relevant is lost money for you.
  • Gain market share and grow your exposure. By being strategic, you get the most out of rate, added value, and potential sales.

Interested in learning more about media strategy?

Call Nartak Media today to learn how we can work together to develop a media strategy for your business. We can help you gain the information you need to be more strategic, spend less, and expand your customer base.