Why January and February Are the Best Time to Advertise on TV

Despite common misconceptions, TV Advertising is still extremely effective and popular amongst many companies. TV marketing and advertising can help expose your brand and products and services to a wider audience and drive conversions. However, it can be tricky to know the best time to advertise on TV.

The best time to advertise on TV is in January and February. There are a few reasons why the first two months of the year are the best time to advertise on tv. Keep reading to learn why! 

Viewership spikes during the Super Bowl

The biggest football game of the year happens at the beginning of February. Millions upon millions of people tune in during the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl to watch their favorite teams in playoffs. In February of 2022, roughly 99 million people watched the Super Bowl. 

The best time to advertise on TV is in January and February. 

What makes the Super Bowl so appealing for advertising, then? It has one of the largest live television audiences and is one of the few remaining events where people are not just skipping through the ads. Having an engaged and captivated audience is rare these days, so take advantage of this opportunity! Although it is costly, millions of people could see your ad and company.

January and February are right after the holidays

The best time to advertise on TV is in January and February. 

While it is important to have a consistent advertising strategy throughout the entire year, January and February are two of the best months to advertise on TV. Besides the Super Bowl, these two months occur right after the holidays, meaning that it is technically “off-season” for advertising. Planning marketing campaigns during the off-season allows your brand to stay top-of-mind among audiences.

These slower times are great for focusing on building up brand awareness, too. A smart, well-crafted television campaign can develop, and, over time, viewers will come to know who you are and what you stand for. No other form of advertising does this better than TV. When other companies are slowing their advertising after the holiday season, you can jump in and take advantage of this opportunity to be seen and heard.

Additionally, you can use the January and February months to find new customers through your TV advertisements. You should have more time to dig deeper into the market and competitive research.

Why should you advertise on TV?

TV marketing campaigns help to boost your company’s overall credibility by exposing your brand, products, and services to a large audience. People spend time with television, and it attracts loyal viewers to things like local news, live entertainment, sports, and popular serial shows. By advertising for loyal viewers, you can in turn create loyal customers.


TV advertising is also cost-effective and affordable. Here at Nartak Media Group, we are consistently seeking affordable and effective television options that get our client’s message in front of the right audience to grow sales. 

Are you looking to advertise your company on TV? Now is the time! January and February are right around the corner, so contact Nartak today to get started!

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5 Media Buying Tips To Maximize Your TV Budget

How do you leverage advertising for your business? Are you getting the best placement and buys for the least amount of investment? […]

How do you leverage advertising for your business? Are you getting the best placement and buys for the least amount of investment? It’s important to understand the ins and outs of media buying when it comes to advertising—or partnering with the people who do.

At Nartak Media, we help businesses achieve their goals through TV, radio, billboard, digital advertising, and other mass media. Here are five tips you might be surprised to learn.

1. You can negotiate

Did you know media never sells out? Outlets always have an inventory—you just have to find it and be persistent. Negotiate the best rates. Expect and ask for the best schedules and times.

2. Certain time slots are harder to get than others

Like anything, the more demand, the harder it is to negotiate, but the best negotiators will clinch the spot. For instance, during an election year, you will be hard-pressed to compete for air time. Same with the morning commute. This is just something to consider as you plan your strategy.

3. Ever heard of value-added bonuses? Don’t let them sway you

Here’s the insider’s secret: value-added bonuses don’t have much value. They are simply the balloon handed to you as you walk out the door to make you feel good at the end of a transaction. You want an experienced agency to negotiate your media buying. If a station is offering a value-added bonus, and an agency is jumping up and down about it, they don’t understand what’s really important.

4. Focus on results, not that prime time TV slot

Sure, it sounds good to be airing your company’s ad during a major sports event—but is that the best use of your budget? Or might there be a far better deal with greater viewership for your products or services elsewhere? The highest-rated shows are the most expensive so choose wisely. This is where an experienced media buying agency will be able to strategize best.

Media Buying Tips: Media Mix

5. Do what’s best for your company and budget

Not able to reach your target audience on your budget? It’s okay not to use TV advertising. It’s not for every company. If the rates are too high, don’t buy them. Your goal should be 3-5 times per week per station on Cable networks otherwise it might not make sense at all.

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